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  • 1 week ago by  find the details on this link ☝️
  • 1 week ago by

    It is so easy in our hurried lives to lose the awe and wonder of what God has done for all of us through Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I could use a fresh perspective in 2020. We will be hosting this study on the Gospel of Mark starting this Wednesday 1/8 @ 6:00 pm at our home. We meet every Wed evening & all are welcome! Bring a friend! We would love to have you join us as we share & grow together! Yummy dinner served too! 😉
    - Brad & Laura
  • 2 weeks ago by

    This evening we were blessed with Pastor Terry Bartlett 🙌
    2 weeks ago 1
    One of my favorite people!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Our Wildlife Student Ministry is having an ornament drawing TOMORROW at the end of service. Purchase your ornament for $10 and have your name entered in a drawing to win an ice chest full of goodies! All proceeds go to benefit our students going to camp!
    3 weeks ago
    Frank R Hernandez
  • 1 month ago by

    THIS SUNDAY! Our Wildlife Students offered to wrap Christmas gifts this Sunday, December 15 and will be accepting donations to do so. There is no set donation amount per gift, so give as the Lord leads you. This is a fundraiser for Student Camp. Bring your gifts at 4 pm and meet them in the General Store to drop off your gifts. Thank you for supporting our students and helping get them to camp.
    1 month ago
    What time do y’all start wrapping gifts
    1 month ago Sportsman's Church
    1 month ago
    Sportsman's Church ok
  • 1 month ago by

    No Wednesday Evening Ministries 🙏
  • 1 month ago by

    A fun gathering this evening at our Thanksgiving Feast 🙌 great music, meal, some 2020 vision, and some happy winners! Larry Hable took home the ice chest full of goods, Karlton Land won the 7F Whitetail Buck Hunt, Cherylnn Dry to Hill Country Exotic Hunt, Tommy Webb passed his Hog Hunt he won along to Randy Crawford and he also gave back the rifle he won to LegacyHunts! Shout out to the volunteers playing baby food Thanksgiving food game 😂 great participation and our winner with the best taste buds went to Will Kinnison 😎 thanks again to our WildLife Student Ministry Families taking on the meal 🥘 it was yummy 😋 #blessed #friendships #family
  • 1 month ago by

    Thanksgiving Feast this Sunday 5p 🦃 a love offering for students going to camp will be shared come prepared to give with a cheerful heart ❤️! We also will conclude our church raffle with opportunities to win trophy hunts 🙌
    1 month ago 1
    Y’all going to need help
    1 month ago 1
    Lisa Jenkins - Bonfire message tonight at Sportsman’s Church
  • 2 months ago by

    Hey there it was so good to hear the hearts of Veterans tonight! As was mentioned by one this evening freedom is not free and we are so blessed to be able to gather to sing, share, pray, break bread, and speak the Word of God 🙌 hug a Veteran 🙏
  • 2 months ago by

    Guess what time it is! It is time to FALL BACK. Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night.
  • 2 months ago by

    This evening we pray for personal revival among us and for the Holy Spirit to move like a wild fire as we seek His will and way in our lives 🔥 ranch pavilion 5p 🙏
  • 2 months ago by

    We will be praying together and putting out door hangers this Wednesday!

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