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Sportsman's Church goes off the trail, on the water, and in the woods sharing the amazing grace of Jesus Christ!


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Updates and current status report:

We have added automated hand sanitizer stands that will be located around the ranch, put out more masks that are available for single time use only, and filled up our large sanitizer bottles that have been available for years with some interesting smelling 😂 stuff from a distillery really dont think much could live anywhere with that on it. Also outdoors we have 3 hand washing stations available at all times use them please 👍 which we have had those for over 4 years in place. All restrooms are one person at a time and no children are allowed to use them alone must be supervised for hand washing and to help keep clean 🧽

We have had many good practices in place way before this came our way and have added a few more to help us all be a bit more healthy hopefully. At our events we ask you to wear a mask 😷 if you desire to physical distance and people will know to honor and respect that space its that simple.

If you are feeling sick or think you may have been exposed like we practice with flu season please stay away, rest well, and seek medical help if necessary which can be difficult at times when on a budget so let us know we can help with that!

If you need anything please call our Care Line at 361-894-6200 and we will do our best to walk with you if we are able to do so and can direct you to helpful community resources.

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